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last seen at a bus stop in san francisco. abc7 news reporter said the main person of interest in the disappearance had a rap sheet that included kidnapping. >> abc7 news was the first on scene tuesday when police took jackhammers into this home on may sonic avenue. that's where dan therrion lived. investigators never searched his backyard or basement when he was questioned six days after kevin disappeared. but they went back this year and tore up the floor that might link him to the boy. home is right away cross the street from kevin's old school. he had a dog. lead investigator told abc7 vic lee a key detail of what two witnesses saw way back in 1984. >> we had another adult witness
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telling that they saw kevin in front of 1106, 1108 masonic. there was a white man there again in his 20s or 30s and had a big great dane black dog. >> during this week's search, cadaver dogs located bones in the police of that home. they say the bones could be from an animal but they went him to a crime lab just to make sure. the man they are focusing on, dan therrion, died five years ago in 2008. new this morning, oakland police are investigating a shooting that killed one person and wounded another. it happened near the oakland art walk last night just before 11:00. one person was found dead at the scene. the second rushed to the
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hospital. police say no arrests have been made. neighbors in fairfield are reacting to a disturbing discovery at a poplar park. a teenage girl's body was found near a gazebo at allen whit park but it's unclear what caused her death. allen wong has the details from fairfield. >> word of the young teenage girl found in this park brought lydia and her family. >> since we have kids of our own, just to think about what this poor girl might have gone through. >> city police say the girl in her early teens was reported missing yesterday evening around 5:30. around five hours later her naked body was discovered at allen whit park. police around sure how she died because there are no wounds. she lived there but attended school in fairfield. the girl's guardian reported her
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missing. >> she'd last seen in the morning getting on the bus to return to school. normally she was returned about 5:30 but she didn't so that's when they worried. >> this man said he saw something strange when he drove around the park around 5:00 amidon. >> i seen a car parked in the parking lot facing our direction and there was a large man standing in front of it just standing there. and it just looked odd to me. >> police say there are two surveillance cameras on both ends of this park and what those cameras captured could solve this case. reporting in allen whit park in fairfield, i'm allen wong, abc7 news. 49er fans are preparing for tomorrow's super bowl between the nonexperts ravens, and the city is preparing too. with the new strategy officials hope will prevent a repeat of the rowdy celebrations after the giants world series win.
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abc7 7 news reporter kira klapper reports live from the mission strict that saw a lot of vandalism back in october. carolyn, some of those merchants are nervous. >> they are and they are being proactive as a result. mayor ed lee, and the chief greg suhr and the fire chief went door to door to assure owners they are stepping up security and increasing security for the super bowl tomorrow. there will be more police on the streets and check points for dui both today and tomorrow. trash will be collected so there aren't fuel for fire that happened after the giants won the world series in october. and muni will run diesel bus that is can be quickly rerouted. this man is worried and his eatery will be closed tomorrow. he has hired security to watch
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over his restaurant. >> i thought i would close for security were we wanted to make sure our customers and staff are safe. >> city leaders are calling on 49er fans to do the right thing. it's been 18 years since the niners won the super bowl. they are asking fans to just celebrate responsibly and for people who don't, they could be like those 14 people who are currently facing prosecution after the chaos that ensued after the giants world series win. those people were caught vanned liesing property through social media and san francisco authorities say they will keep on social meditation it's an easy thing do, and they will catch anyone who destroys any part of the city in celebrations tomorrow. reporting live in the mission district, kira klapper. abc7 news. >> the mayor's motto is celebration with moderation, kira. >> we can all live by that. thankthank.
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now to colin kaepernick. it turns out he has close ties to a camp for children with heart disease. it's near his hometown. our reporter explains kaepernick's collection to camp taylor. >> after his win against the miami dolphins last month, quarter neck collin kaepernick got a new friendship bracelet made by the children at camp taylor. what they don't know is he always made the first one they made for him. after his nfl draft he wanted to support a local charity. he chose camp taylor which offers free medically supervised camp for children with heart disease. >> he has an older brother with heart disease so he wanted to find a charity to give back to honor his parents and family. >> kaepernick was only scheduled for three hours at his first camp but stayed seven.
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he sang with his parents in front of the entire camp and played with the kids. >> when collin came back with the cam he didn't come out with an entourage ever camp. he drives in with his college car and he really cares. it's not just for fun and pomp and circumstance. it's real. >> kaepernick checked in regularly and he surprised the camp recently with a new fundraiser. >> he started the kaepernicking t-shirt, called it we are home of kaepernicking for a cause. he tied the t-shirts in to us. >> they are prepared for a saturday fundraiser is camp kids will be watching him in the super bowl this sunday. >> these are the ravens colors and birds so they are going to fly. they are going to squash them. >> that was lee painter reporting. meanwhile collin kaepernick's got milk. he filmed this commercial with baltimore running back ray rice.
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his family works as a local cheese company. got milk series was created by the california milk processor board and they consider the campaign one of the best ever. you know larry beil, wayne friedman, mike shumann and katie marzullo are sending out a lot of great behind-the-scenes updates. we are retweeting a much of them @abc bay area. you can turn to us after the news to see the celebrations. the news teams in new orleans and in the bay area will be live on the air with up to the minute looks at how the niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. coming up next on the rise, the health insurer raising rates today by double digits before president obama's healthcare reforms take effect. there's a new effort to put an end to this insurance practice. and you are look there,
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and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >> a preschool in the southern california city of carson is shutting done while two cases of sex between preschool children are investigated by authorities. the father of a four-year-old boy plans to file a lawsuit monday against the first lutheran church of carson after his son described receiving sex from a five-year-old girl a least one other girl from the school said he also received sex from the same girl. state department of social services has cited the school for at least one sexual incident
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between the kids plus lack of overall supervision and an improper teacher-child ratio. child protective services is investigating the girl, but could not comment on the investigation. and from blue cross health insurance is hitting hundreds of thousands of customers with a double-digit rate increase starting today. consumer advocates are outraged. the story from abc7 news capital correspond tent nannette miranda in san francisco. >> she was starting on february when her insurance will skyrocket from $635 a month to nearly 800. >> i'm mad about it because they are trying to take advantage of thing he before the obamacare takes effect. they are trying to get their rate increases in. >> 735,000 californians who buy private insurance through anthem saw an average 17.5 increase but some are getting hit with an increase as much as a 26% jump. the consumer watch dog said this
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is the third or fourth rate hike in two years from an insurer who said their parent company made $2.7 billion in profits last year. they said the industry had to raise rate. they around the only one. >> due to increasing medical costs and due to a pool of people that is generally older and singer than they were last year, we have to raise rates to cover our costs. >> in fact even with the rate hike, anthem said it's taking a 2.5% loss on this group of consumers. >> it's outrageous. >> consumer groups point out the standard and poors healthcare indycy found the rate of increase in the industry slowed to 5% last year. >> i think what they have just done is a perfect example of why we need to have rate regulation in california. >> fifteen states, including california, have no authority to control rates. an initiative is already in the works to give the state's insurance commissioner the power to reject hatracks.
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she wants to hang on until 2014 when people can buy health insurance on a competitive online exchange. >> hopefully it will lower the rates because of the quantity of the people being covered should increase the rates to the lower companies and they should lower the rates. >> he said rates will be regulated under the federal health insurer rate which they must send 80 to 83% of every dollar on care. abc7 news. twitter has been hacked. the san francisco company said 250,000 customers had e-mail addresses and passwords stolen. twitter cancelled the passwords and is advising users how to create new ones on its website. it's going to be an early spring according to the groundhog weather predicter punxsutawney phill. his prediction came around 4:27 this morning our time. >> so you faithful, there is no shadow to see! an early spring for you and me!
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[cheers and applause] >> the largest crowd in the 123-year history of groundhog day braved the cold in punxsutawney, pennsylvania to witness this. it is so scientific. how can you compete with that? >> don't get me started on phil. >> he's usually wrong. >> he usually is. we are looking at a cooler day today. we saw some 70s yesterday. we are still pretty mild out there right now. plenty of clouds, high clouds, low clouds. here's emeryville, temperatures in the upper 40s into the east bay. we will talk about the fog and when the rain returns for the upcoming work week and your super bowl forecast next. >> all right. also next the niners and the ravens also take the field tomorrow. much has been made of the harbaugh brother versus brother angle but the super bowl will also feature father versus son.
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also feature father versus son. rick kwan has those details [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> that favorite groundhog said more spring ahead but it's
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already been feeling like that here. >> for some of us, yes, in fact, for sure. we will lose the 70s today, though. the cloud cover will guilt are the sunshine. as you head outside to the east bay camera, you see the niner red and gold out there, can't you? yeah, lit up across the city. looking great in terms of mild temperatures over the weekend. so even though we won't have those 70s like we had in oakland, gilroy with 73, with 72 in morgan hill, as well as watsonville, we will have plenty of mild numbers and more about filtered sun for the afternoon. live doppler 7hd. we aren't picking up anything in the way of moisture, but plenty of higher clouds around. low clouds are banked up at our coast. so we do have that stronger on shore push and we will look at cooler temperatures certainly at our coast. but even across the bay, as well. right now it's 50 in oakland. so pretty mild, as well as mountain view. numbers are the degrees warmer
5:20 am
this morning up in napa. 143. 46 in half moon bay. with the cloud cover keeping that warmth from yesterday, it's 48 in san jose. good morning, watsonville. up 45 right now. it's 46 in monterey. so we are looking at some fog, as well, with quarter mile visibility santa rosa, three miles half moon bay. san jose and hayward this morning. so be careful out there. napa also looking at reduced visibility. so that fog will lift, but we will still have that filtered sunshine. hazy afternoon skies. it is a spare the air day today with high pressure still in control. we are looking at really a mild pattern for the weekend. carolina days, though, will arrive by about tuesday and we will be looking at a chance of rain coming in by thursday and friday. dangerous sneaker waves with the coast today so good idea to look for -- prepare for that as if you are headed out to the coast because of the mild temperatures.
5:21 am
here's a look at the high clouds streaming up from the south and. we there's an area of low pressure and that will allow for some filtered sunshine. but high pressure is still in control. we have a front offshore but with the high allowing for some of that cloudiness. we will stay mild with low 60s. the strong ridge will be in place for today and tomorrow. but into the middle part of next week it begins to break down, slide to the east, that that will allow for a much cooler air mass. whether or not we see a decent amount of rain still is yet to be determined but certainly cooler conditions back into the 50s by thursday. maybe even wednesday. 64 in sacramento. 62 in big sur. 77 calm springs. back home numbers still in the 60s today but with the higher clouds we will have that filtered sun. 65 san jose. so still above normal. antioch 65. and the on shore flow keeping san francisco cooler today so almost like a summertime pattern
5:22 am
with 61 monterey, and three degrees cooler in watsonville today. spare the air day today with the afternoon sun. we will call super bowl mostly sunny and temperatures not that different on monday. maybe a few degrees cooler, partly cloudy on tuesday. that's when the cooling begins. we will look for the rain to move our way not until the end of the work week. still doing fine with rainfall percentage of normal for this time of year but we definitely could use some. maybe by next week. >> drive the tv outside. >> it will be nice. >> have a barbecue tomorrow. >> good idea. >> thanks, lisa. in sports today former 49ers owner eddy will find out if he will be selected for the pro football hall of fame for 2013. he's among 17 finalists, including former 49er charles haley and larry allen and former oakland raiders warren sapp and tim brown. tomorrow, of course, you know the 49ers will try to win their sixth vince lombardi trophy.
5:23 am
here's vince kwan with more on the super bowl and this morning's sports. >> good morning. we are now just a aday away from super bowl xlvii. both teams saw their final practices on friday at the saints indoor facility. for the third straight die the linebackers saw limited action. both have shoulder injuries. practice wrapped up about 15 minutes early. for baltimore, coach john harbaugh gave their 65 minute workout an a plus plus, saying the team is clicking on all cylinders. this game won't just feature one harbaugh brother against another but jim's son jay works for the ravens so it will also be father versus son. >> maybe that will tip the scale. maybe that will be our edge, it will be jay. he's really good. >> sent him a few techs letting him know how i feel about him. i don't want to get him where he's -- people are thinking i'm talking to him. but i'm really proud. i've heard he's done a great job
5:24 am
and that means the world. >> well, randy moss has drawn a lot of attention this week. michael crabtree will likely have a bigger impact during the game. he's quickly become colin kaepernick's go-to guy. jerry rice has been impressed with their chemistry. >> crabtree, my god, he's like a new receive. they have a connection. you can see that chemistry on the football field. i think whenever he has like one-on-one coverage, kaepernick is going to throw him the football. >> the last time the niners were in the super^bowl, steve young threw a record six touchdowns as san francisco routed san diego. the hall of fame quarterback is now work as an analyst with espn. kaepernick may be kaepernick may be more dangerous. >> he throws a hardball, not necessarily accurate or has the touch, but i went to chicago and i thought we have the wrong book on this kid.
5:25 am
he can make all the throws. you don't do that as a kid. that's special. the rest will be experience. he will deal with all the things that come up. but if he can put a summer boller in his pocket as a young player that he is it, throwing the ball that he is it with the legs, you can see why people are pretty excited about him. >> stanford's coach has become the first coach to win 400 games. here's a basket by joslin tinkle. stanford improves to 19-2. after shooting a 60 in the first round of the phoenix open, phill mickelson continues his shot play. here's his approach on nine. stops about two feet from the pin. he would birdie the hole. on 15 mickelson putting for eagle. 65-foot from 17 under for the tournament, good for a four huff stroke lead. that's sports for saturday morning. i'm rick kwan. mike shumann will be live from new orleans at 5:00.
5:26 am
>> coming up next, getting schools and students ready for the unthinkable. what teachers and even children are learning to do if someone starts shooting. and the latest cabinet member announces he's leaving the obama administration. ♪
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>> the sandy hook elementary school shooting as sparked an intense debate on school safety. one security company in texas has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to get trained on how to respond to a shooter on campus. training called alice stands for alert, lock down, inform, counter and evacuate. abc7 news education reporter leeann me len dez got exclusive action to a recent training
5:29 am
session at san jose city college. >> lock down, lock down, lock down. >> those two words mean an intruder is on campus. >> maria, open the door. where are you! >> this is how they deal with an active shooter. >> oh, wendy, i'm home, dea respect! open the door. >> the people behind the door tried to barricade themselves using what they can find, a table, a rope, anything to keep the intruder from coming in. >> people will survive, people will act appropriately if we give them guidance and if we give them permission to do so and that's what this is about. >> a texas based company called response options is straining people on how to go beyond the duck and cover mode. teaching them to go as far as confronting the gunman. joe is playing the role of the active gunmen. people who are taking this course are learning three fundamental things, run, hide,
5:30 am
and fight. >> sean thompson is a teacher. he convinced his school district to let him take the two-day course. he will now train other teachers. >> when you become a parent, things change, perspectives change. i don't want to really look at my room as just students anymore. i look at them as sons and daughters of other people and i feel it's my responsibility as an educator to be as prepared as possible to protect that life. >> matthew hayward works as a school police officer. >> ultimately the goal of this county is to minimize, if not completely eliminate any type of injuries are fatalities. that's the whole goal. that's why i am here and that's what i am trying to express to my staff. >> the course ends with an intruder on campus scenario using an air gun and rubber pellets n this case the people inside this room are ready to counter or confront the second gunman. for this scenario tennis balls
5:31 am
are used instead of books, laptops or chairs. but in most cases running may be the only option. >> we know what the consequence is of responding passively. far too often it's death. >> san jose city college and evergreen community college have now trained their nine officers. students and teachers will soon undergo the same active shooter training. >> i have to know how to lead and how to protect my students. but it's a combination of both. the students need to be prepared, as well, and trained. >> it's a reality of today's world. getting schools to prepare in order to increase their chances of surviving the unthinkable. >> open the door! >> in san jose, leeann mill len dez, abc7 news. >> this morning in his weekly address, president obama is calling on congress to work together on a balanced approach to reduceth deficit and promoting economic growth. >> what we need instead is a
5:32 am
balanced approach. an approach that says let's cut where we can afford but let's make the investments we can't afford to live without. investments in education and infrastructure, research and development. the things that will help america compete for the best jobs and new industries. >> the president said the economy is poised to expand this year after 2.2 million jobs were created last year. republicans say this is the chance for congress to begin balancing our nation's checkbook. jump starting the economy and restoring faith in our government. energy secretary steven chu is stepping down. the former head of the lawrence berkeley national lab drew a lot of political fire during his tenure on the president's cab net. but as abc7 news political reporter mark matthew notes, khu also drew a lot of talent to the department as he worked to reshape its mission. >> at the white house, president obama publicly thank the steven
5:33 am
chu for his service. steven has a great friend, a tremendous colleague working on a whole range of energy issues, but also designing a cap to plug the hole in the middle of the gulf of mexico when anyone else could figure it out. that's typical of the incredible contributionings he's made to this country. >> when he came here he had a nobel prize in physics but knee real experience in politics. >> he said honest things about climate change and energy which he had to for political reasons walk back during his confirmation hearing. >> he said things like coal is my worst nightmare and the country needs a much higher gasoline tax. >> most energy policy people agree with that, but, of course, politically that's just off-limits. >> the head of u.c. berkeley's energy institute said political energy only wrapped up after the solyndra scandal broke.
5:34 am
he was criticized for the handling of his lone to the solar panel maker who went bankrupt, laying off more than a thousand workers. >> they talk about that one failure but there are many other successes. >> frank worked at the lawrence national laboratory and said his legacy goes well beyond stimulus spending on energy programs. >> i think ice biggest accomplishment is emphasizing renewable energy, emphasizing science. >> the energy experts i spoke with say steven chu transformed the agency from the department that has been primarily concerned nuclear weapons and nuclear waste to an energy resources organization. >> it's been so great have a nobel prize scientist run the department of energy just in terms of attracting scientists to this important problem. >> khu said he would like to return to teaching and academic research but he will stay on until the president finds a replacement. at u.c. berkeley, mark matthews, abc7 news. >> the city of oakland has
5:35 am
unveiled the city's first locally issued i. d. that will also double as a debit card. city teamed up with s. f. global at mastercard to create the card. community leaders say it will pep people who can't open bank accounts because they lack government issued identification. that includes many undocumented immigrants. >> they were particularly vulnerable because they couldn't open bank accounts and they carried cash around with them so they were the target of a lot of crime. >> i do have the mexican conflict card, but some business owners and some nightlife facilities are weary of it yet. >> the card will also save users money by allowing them to avoid fees. those crazy fees charged by check cashing services. critics worry the card provides too much personal information that could be accessed by thieves. a website goes online monday where people who live in oakland can sign up. five years of construction
5:36 am
are finally coming to an end at devil slide along the san mateo county coast. that area is notorious for major accidents and rockslides that quickly back up traffic. workers are putting the finishing touches on two tunnels that by pass this dangerous part of highway 1. they have some pretty cool features like blinds that turn on when carbon monoxide levels get too high. they will able to alert drivers on their car radios of emergencies. the grand opening may come as early as this spring. new this morning, mayor ed lee from san francisco is looking way beyond tomorrow's super bowl to accept san francisco cash in on big-time sporting events. the san francisco chronicle reports he wants to establish a permanent nonprofit organization to bring future events here, including the 2024 olympic games. the mayor said yesterday the idea grew out of recent efforts
5:37 am
to raise up to $20 million to help cover the city's costs for hosting the america's cup this summer. nonprofit would be called one s. f. to build on the america cup's efforts in anticipation of bringing a future super bowl here as well. coming up next the beach warning. the warning for dog owners that could save their pet's life and their own. and here's a live look from the san mateo bridge. in san mateo the city itself, 45 degrees on this groundhog day. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few m [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers
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>> the warm weather means a lot of us will be hitting the beaches this weekend. that has the coast guard on high alert. following a spring of drownings involving people walking their dogs. federal officials have launched a campaign to keep people and their pets safe at the beach. here's abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> this is rascal and his owner, officer pamela bay -- land. >> the rescue swimmer jumps out of helicopters to save people. he knows without all his special gear his babber to retriever would be swimming laps around him. >> he's a much better swimmer than i am. if you see a dog struggling in the water, don't panic, don't rush in after them. >> the coast guard and the national park service launched a campaign at the oakland animal shelter in the hopes of saving lives. >> this year in particular we've seen so many pet owners going in after their pets. as pet owners we understand but
5:41 am
seeing all these people losing their lives is just tragic. >> since november five people have drowned on northern california shore lines while walk their dogs. four deaths in humble county, the fifth in marin. and often they are contribute today sneaker waves. a wave that sneaks up on you in the middle of smaller ones. >> sneaker waves and rogue waves, this is waves people use to describe a wave that's out of the ordinary. >> this one is responsible for sending three people to the hospital in 2010. winter is prime time for the sneaker waves and cold water. >> without the right equipment it's a losing battle very quick. >> because it's so cold? >> as soon as you hit the water you take a big gasp of air. >> it's an ugly swag with a tragic outcome. >> is the outcome of the situation tragically is the dog gets out fine but the swimmer does not. >> if your dog gets swept up by
5:42 am
a sneaker wave. >> stay on shore. the dog will be fine. >>abc news, jonathan bloom. >> good words of advice. you talked about the sneaker waves we have to watch out for today. >> that's right. dangerous waves. perhaps you are tempted to head out to the beach, the weather has been so mild. more 60s in the forecast today. but we have had plenty of high clouds and fog and a spare the air day. a return to the rain. i'll tell you when next. >> also ahead, san francisco banjoman, one of the best-no one fans of the 49ers, can't get a ticket to the game. but first a message to the niners from troops overseas. >> i'm from travis air force base, currently deployed in southwest asia, and i'm supporting any san francisco 49ers. it's been 18 years. i need to
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:46 on this saturday morning. thanks nor waking up and joining us this morning. we are showing you the golden gate bridge. a live look. it is in the 40s and cloudy on both sides of that span. you know, today is groundhog day and punxsutawney phill did not see his shadow which portends an early spring. you can either trust a furry creature's word or you can trust the beautiful lisa argen. she will be along later with her accuweather forecast. >> it is no surprise sunday's super bowl is the toughest ticket to get right now. but a diehard 49er fan made it all the way to new orleans without one and is still hoping in. abc7 news reporter wayne friedman caught up with him. >> look, down in the crowd, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's
5:46 am
been a -- banjoman! >> stacey daniels of fairfax, california has not missed a home game in 30 years. >> this guy is the man! >> a man with a problem, we might add. just another many niner fans frozen out without tickets. >> anything from the face value on down would be good. >> which would you prefer? >> you can take a guess. >> banjoman is one more distraction in thefy filling over with them. big easy, now a scene. you say san francisco is weird? >> what is the strangest thing so far? >> i just got kissed by a robot. >> and serenaded by a city where they pave the streets with music. >> all kinds of music because people that came from all over the world, they came and settled
5:47 am
here and they brought their music with them. we kind of like put it all together like a gumbo. >> now banjoman, he's in the big leagues now. >> i'll definitely get in one way or the other. >> which leads a person to wonder, can a banjo and cake double as a ticket? ♪ well i come from san francisco down to new orleans ♪ ♪ their going to beat the ravens with pork and beans ♪ ♪ 49ers you know we're number one ♪ ♪ we're going to win go, niners! we're number one! [banjo music] >> who needs beyoncé when you have banjoman? wade friedman, abc7 news. >> larry and larry beil, super
5:48 am
bowl champ and katie marzullo and mike shumann are sending out live reports. they continue all weekend here on abc7. you can turn to abc7 news right after the super bowl to see all the celebrations. our abc7 news teams in new orleans and in the bay area will be live on the air with an up to the minute look with how niner fans are reacting here and in the big easy. take a look, we have more pictures of fans showing their team pride. these guys say they are waiting for the sixth trophy patch. check out this 49er's cat faithful. his pet home is all about the niners. and here is one of the many young cutie-pie niner fans that we have received. this little girl shows off her red and gold. you can send your fan photos to us at
5:49 am
lisa argen is here with the accuweather forecast. i notice it's been warming up in new orleans and we are getting a little cooler. >> that's right. we will have the new orleans forecast. plenty of 60s there. and for today, yeah, no 70s. at some point we have to turn around and go back to winter, right? >> no! >> okay. the look outside. the roof camera pretty dark. the chinese new year flower fair through sunday. and the 5k mud run in san francisco along with the vietnamese festival. some of the things going on around the bay featuring slightly cooler conditions. here's the higher clouds filtering sun shine we will have later on today. that will bring the numbers down a little bit. and we are looking at low clouds along the coast. an on shore flow. that will bring numbers back to where they should be downtown. right now it's pretty mild, san francisco 48. 50 mountain view, 48 san jose
5:50 am
with 45 in watsonville. we've had fog. some of it has been a problem the past couple days. visibility down to a quarter mike napa. and 3 miles on the coast and half moon bay. so we are looking for mostly cloudy skies. it's a spare the air day today. the patchy fog will lift slowly throughout the morning hours. then we will be left with mild weather for the weekend. tomorrow should be sunnier than today and we look for theer weather to arrive by tuesday or wednesday. certainly the end of the week could feature some rain as well. so we are looking at still very mild air. with that the beach hazard issued by the not weather service. dangerous sneak are he waves are possible today. you want to avoid the slippery rocks and stay away from the water's edge. the sets will continue to build throughout the afternoon. we will look for the higher clouds once again today. our satellite and radar come 'the shows that not only the high clouds, but we are looking
5:51 am
at still kind of a stagnate air mass. high pressure firmly in control and that pushes down on the atmosphere. the particulates get caught near the surface so the air quality not the best today. we need some rain and wind to mix things out. it will be a little wild until we have that because the ridge is still firmly in place, it's strong, and it's allowing for the hazy sunshine to warm us up despite the higher clouds this afternoon from the system from the south. speaking of the south, new orleans, in the 60s. partly cloudy skies and nice weather right on through monday. back home we are looking at more 60s across the coach with low 60s big sur, 49 with a dwindling snowpack in the sierra nevada. temperatures in the southern sierra, 52. up to 75 in los angeles. so certainly warmer and dryer this weekend than they were last weekend.
5:52 am
63 in fremont. look for about average numbers in san francisco. 61 there. 64 in livermore. so certainly mild. but yesterday we had those low 70s along the central coast. today more like low 60s for watsonville. more cloud cover there. that will allow for a little bit of cooling. temperatures not much of a change except it will be a little bit brighter for super^bowl sunday. remember spare the air today and then a slight dip maybe by a couple degrees monday. tuesday partly cloudy as well as wednesday but notice the temperatures back into the 50s at our coast and everyone cools off by the end of the week. a little bit of rain hopefully coming our way. so you know it was the third driest january on record. >> it was. all right. we do need some rain. thanks, lisa. you know, you can watch theos stars sunday, february 24th here on abc7. the my picks feature on our officials oscar apps has information on all the nominees.
5:53 am
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>> you might watch tomorrow's super bowl to root for the 49ers, but millions of others will tune in just to check out the commercials. here's a sneak-peek. ♪ and if you see my reflection ♪ the landslide bring you down >> joel, when are you bogey to put your idea online? >> relax. it's not like anybody else is going to have the same exact idea pop into their head. >> how do you know. . >> because they haven't, kelly. >> it's totally original. >> it's none a ga zillion. >> really? >> idiotproof. >> a real moneymaker.
5:56 am
>> thank goodness i put it on line first. >> more pain, sir? >> more everything, sky waitress. >> don't wait. >> advertisers paid as much as $4 million for just 30 seconds of time. coming up next at six, new developments in a nearly three-decade-old case. we will tell you the identity of a man suspected in the disappearance of kevin collins. and the one thing colin kaepernick always keeps with him and why. >> hey, 49er fans, thanks for the way you cheered on our hometown heroes all season long. >> you let them get to new orleans. >> no matter the outcome, let's respect the city of san francisco. >> that means there will be no place for bad behavior when we win this thing. >> 49er fans are world-class. let's show the world just how great we are. >> who's got it better than us? nobody! go niner!
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler in for lease marzullo. >> good morning, everyone. looking at the colors of the niners this morning. we are waking up to higher clouds. even reduced visibility with some fog in some areas this morning. be careful. temperatures are pretty mild, though. we've dropped off into the upper 30s to near 40 in our coolest protected valleys. otherwise we are looking at 50s around san francisco with the cloud cover. it will take some time for the cloud to burn off but we also have the higher clouds making for a mostly to partly cloudy sky today. temperatures cooler relative to yesterday's 70s.

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